5 Food Trends for 2019

Food Trends for 2019

Food Trends for 2019

Whether you’re already a trendsetter or are aiming to be one in 2019, we’ve compiled a list of 5 top food trends to look out for (and incorporate!) into your restaurant next year! They might be trendy, but these ideas are accessible, too—and we promise they won’t scare away your loyal customers. In fact, they might just create some buzz that’ll see you welcoming new customers as well! Let’s dig in…


Sweet and Sour Beer

What’s new in brews? Three words: sweet and sour. That’s right—the soup you love from your favorite Chinese restaurant is now part of a brew flavor frenzy. And while craft beer is still king (particularly IPAs), beer drinkers are taking a walk on the wild side. “Milkshake IPAs” have added lactose sugars for a sweet, creamy kick, while sour beers such as goses and lambics are making a name for themselves.

One of the more unique beers we’ve heard of was a huge hit at Denver’s 2018 Great American Beer Festival. Weldwerks Brewing’s Spaghetti Gose is brewed with sea salt, tomato puree, fire-roasted tomatoes, basil, and oregano for a taste that’s “reminiscent of rich, robust spaghetti sauce.” Your more adventurous patrons might just get a kick out of this bar menu addition!


Takeout Slowdown

As a restaurant owner, you’ve surely got your eye on services like Grubhub and DoorDash, and you may even be listed on these apps. But according to the global hospitality company Benchmark, one of the top dining trends in 2019 is going to going out to eat—in a restaurant. Benchmark believes diners will “again recognize that restaurant dining offers more compelling and satisfying experiences that truly nurture the soul.” How can you capitalize on this as a restaurant owner? Think about creating a dining experience that can’t be delivered to someone’s doorstep, like entertainment and events. Sculpture Hospitality has a wonderful list of how to boost foot traffic with interactive trivia games and entertainment.


Food Trends for 2019

Swanky Snacks

Snacks are definitely having a moment. More and more diners are opting for smaller, more frequent “bites” rather than your standard 3-meal day. Having a separate menu of snacks that’s available anytime is the perfect way to satisfy your customers’ cravings. Think pretzel bites with dipping sauces, sliders, and hummus platters. For inspiration, check out these fun ideas from Food & Wine.


Not-So-Bland Butters

At Toronto’s Trend Hunter Future Festival this year, a surprising trend was realized: watermelon seed butter. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger, culinary masters have uncovered a new superfood that’s sure to be making its way onto trendy menus come 2019. And it’s not just watermelon seeds that are buttering us up. Seed butters of all kinds, like sunflower, hemp, and sesame, pack a nutritional punch foodies lust after. Nearly any seed or nut can be turned into a butter, so challenge your chefs to come up with some unconventional butter menu additions to serve with toast during weekend brunch. 

Meat Alternatives for the Win

Meatless Monday may have made its first appearance years ago, but it’s quickly becoming more and more mainstream—and it’s much in part thanks to millennials. In fact, nearly eight in 10 U.S millennials eat meat alternatives, according to Mintel. It’s not just vegetarians and vegans opting to go meatless, either. “Taste is the top reason” U.S. consumers opt for plant-based protein.

Homemade veggie burgers packed with grains and beans are popping up more frequently on menus, as are seitan, tofu, and tempeh offerings. And then there’s the Beyond Burger®. This plant-based burger “looks, cooks, and tastes like a fresh beef burger.” It’s even crafted with beets to replicate a red-meat look to fool even the most staunch carnivores. Dedicate a section of your menu to meat-free options, making it simple for everyone interested to see what unique offerings your chefs are cooking up.

Generate some buzz with your restaurant in the new year by trying out some of these exciting food trends! If you need help implementing any of these ideas into your restaurant, ARF Financial can help. Our loan consultants have decades of experience working with restaurant owners, so they know a thing or two about trends. Contact us today to see how we can help you dip your toes into the top food trends of 2019!