4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Marketing is ever-evolving, and nothing proves that more than the innovations and strategy shifts we’ve experienced over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. As you’re planning your marketing strategies for this year, here are some of the top digital marketing trends we suggest keeping an eye on!

Meta and the Metaverse 

Remember when Facebook rebranded itself to Meta in 2021? According to the press release, “The metaverse will feel like a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, sometimes expanded into three dimensions or projected into the physical world. It will let you share immersive experiences with other people even when you can’t be together — and do things together you couldn’t do in the physical world.” We predict that meta is going to be big for small business globally – there’s even a Meta for Business company that aims to “launch and grow your business across all our apps.” Start to consider where your business can fit into the metaverse.

LinkedIn Love

Companies love LinkedIn. There are over 700 million registered users on the platform, and about half of them are active on a monthly basis. When it comes to lead generations and gaining new customers, it’s 227 percent more effective than Facebook. We tend to focus a lot on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube as the most effective social channels for marketing your business, but the numbers are pointing more increasingly to the benefits of tapping into LinkedIn.

Word of Mouth

It’s a noisy world out there, with everything from social media influencers to television ads to email promotions all vying for our ears and eyes. That’s what’s making word-of-mouth marketing even more important. Consumers are getting good at tuning out the advertisements they aren’t interested in, but they’re still ready to listen to the advice of a trusted friend or colleague. Our recommendation? Hone in on word-of-mouth marketing. Customers are more likely to purchase from a friend-approved brand or company, so make it a priority to improve the customer experience from start to finish—it’ll keep your customers happy, and it’ll encourage them to spread the word of your business.

Scale it Back

This might seem counter-intuitive to the entire topic of this article, but we have to scale things back in terms of marketing. The ideas that “more is more” and “quantity over quality” are being phased out in favor of more thoughtful, strategic marketing. Rather than doing a lot of things “well enough,” switch to becoming an expert in just a couple things. Are you hammering your customers with social media blasts on every platform? Consider stripping down your focus to just one platform and see how engagement rises.

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