When is a Growing Business not a Growing Business?

We all want success for our companies, but sometimes our businesses grow beyond our own capacity.

It is very frustrating as a business owner when you have to turn customers away because you don’t have enough equipment, raw materials or even man power. However, finding the money to buy that extra machine or to hire another person can be damaging to your cash flow. This is where a Mezzanine loan can help.

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What is a Mezzanine Loan and What are its Benefits?

The beauty of a Mezzanine loan (obtained through ARF Financial) is that it’s a real bank loan that can be approved within 7 to 10 days.

Often in business big opportunities arise and need to be responded to quickly, and securing a conventional bank loan can take several weeks or even months.

For example, when a large specialty restaurant struck a momentous marketing deal with a local university’s athletic department the restaurant owner needed $100K in a week to complete the arrangement. ARF Financial was able to help the business owner fund his deal within six days!

Another restaurant owner needed $75K to conduct renovations, but she was concerned about raising the capital needed. ARF Financial was able to fund her growth and subsequently the renovations increased her sales by over $900K in just one year! 


There are many benefits to taking out a Mezzanine loan through ARF Financial:

  • Affordable Regular Payment Options – You can secure a fixed payment plan with terms up to 24 months.
  • No Increase in Payments with Revenue – Unlike a cash advance, your payments won’t increase with your revenue. This means that you won’t end up losing money and can take full advantage of growth opportunities.
  • You Don’t Need a Perfect Credit Record – If your credit record isn’t perfect, don’t worry. You may still be eligible for a mezzanine loan, especially if you can prove that you have a successful and growing business with at least $8,000 in sales per month.
  • Tax Deductible Interest – The interest on a mezzanine loan obtained through ARF Financial’s network of banks is tax deductible.
  • No Collateral Required on Amounts up to $725,000 – You don’t need to put up collateral for loan amounts of up to $725K when you obtain your mezzanine loan through ARF Financial. This means that your assets won’t be affected if you have problems paying back the loan.

A mezzanine loan is perfect for businesses that are looking for a fast injection of cash to take advantage of growth opportunities. To apply for a mezzanine loan for your business, click here. We’re here to help you get approved by one of our FDIC-insured community banks. We’ll even put up the collateral for you!