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ARF Financial’s Unsecured Bank Loans Are Better For Your Business.

There is a fundamental reason why ARF Financial’s Unsecured Bank Loans are better for your business than Merchant Cash Advances. As shown in the diagrams below, an Unsecured Business Loan with fixed weekly payments allows you to keep the additional profit generated from your hard work. With a Merchant Cash Advance, the more successful you are, the faster the Cash Advance Provider gets paid. This escalates the interest rate you are paying, sometimes to astronomical heights.

Why an Unsecured Business Loan Works


Why a Cash Advance Doesn’t Work


Benefits of an ARF Financial Bank Loan

Why ARF Financial Is The Right Choice For Your Bottom Line.

Return on Investment Yes, business owners reap the rewards (sales and profit) of their hard work with no impact on payment, rate or term.
Transparency Yes, all Unsecured Business Loans have transparent loan terms including detailed rate, term, total payback and payment amount.
Line of Credit Yes, available to all borrowers who take less than their approved loan amount.
Ability to Pay Off Early Yes, interest is charged only until paid off (not full amount).
Long Terms – 12 to 36 Months Yes, cash flow is king.  Offers longest terms with lowest payments in the industry.
Higher Loan Amounts Yes, based upon a business’ total sales (cash and credit cards).
Professional Support (Personal Banker) Yes, full time Senior Loan Officers provide advice, counsel and support to the business for growth and financing.
Tax Benefit Yes, interest charged is an ordinary business expense and is tax deductible.
Payment Via ACH Yes, fixed weekly payments are deducted from the business’s checking account, with no lockboxes or need to switch credit card processors.
Unsecured Bank Loan ARF Financial goes the next step and actually posts cash collateral on the business owner’s behalf, to ensure they get the bank loan they deserve.
Quick and Easy Preliminary approvals within 48 hours and funding within 3 to 5 days.
Trust and Credibility ARF Financial has 16 years of lending experience, and partners with state chartered FDIC-insured community banks across the country.

Financing You Can Bank On

You owe it to your business to discover more about how ARF Financial can deliver the funding you need quickly. Find out how much you qualify for, using our loan calculator. Then fill out the quote form, or call 1-866-702-4430.

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