Founding Circle Incentive Extended to October 15th

FREE CEO Circle Memberships*

Founding Circle Members who fund $100,000 or more in loans from new client referrals qualify for a FREE, 1-Year CEO Circle Membership valued at $1,000. Best of all, any fundings that came in during the month of September and funds on or before October 15th will qualify for the increased commissions It’s a win-win!*

$500 CEO Circle Memberships*

Founding Circle Members who fund a minimum of $25,000 in loans from new clients qualify for a 1-Year, CEO Circle Membership for only $500, a savings of $500! If a member was brought in by a COI Leader, the sharing fee is $250. Best of all, the RP’s September and October fundings will qualify for the higher commissions and the $500 CEO Membership Fee will be deducted from their commissions.*

*Members who reach the $25,000 minimum to qualify for the $500 CEO Membership, and the RP’s who reach the $100,000 minimum for the Free Membership (before October 15th) will be paid the increased commissions from those fundings on October 31st. The $500 CEO Circle Membership fee will be deducted from those commissions on October 15th depending on when the minimum funding is achieved. Founding Circle Members who qualify for the $500 CEO Circle upgrade with new fundings of $25,000 to $99,999, must sign a CEO Circle Member Agreement and Network Fee Waiver/Discount Addendum to receive the higher commissions and agree to the $500 Membership Fee deduction from those commissions. If the RP fails to sign the CEO Circle Member Agreement and Addendum, they will remain at the Founding Circle level and continue being paid the standard 3% commissions. Same rules apply if a Founding Circle Member funds $100,000 or more and qualifies for the FREE CEO Membership but fails to sign the CEO Circle Member Agreement and Addendum. Founding Circle Members who qualify for the Free or discounted CEO Circle Membership will receive 8% commissions (4% upfront and 4% over 12 months) on their September fundings (paid on 9/30 for fundings from 9/1 to 9/15); and on 10/15 for fundings from (9/16 – 9/30). All CEO Circle Memberships from the September Incentives are for 1 year and renewals are charged at standard pricing.



Become a CEO Circle Member FREE & Earn Higher Commissions!

Beat the mid-year slump and energize your sales with the most generous Founding Circle incentive ever! Don’t forget we also have generous incentives for your clients as well! Energize your pipeline with this Upgrade!

*To qualify for the 8% commissions, must be loan with terms of 39 weeks or longer. To retain the Circle of Rewards benefits detailed above, CEO member must maintain an active membership which requires payment of an annual membership fee.

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