ARF Financial 90-Day, COVID-19 Guarantee

Mandatory shutdowns, capacity limitations, and social distancing are obstacles everyone has become all too familiar with. Businesses are starting to recover, but uncertainty about the future has forced many owners to adopt a wait-and-see approach when it comes to rehiring and investing in new opportunities.

At ARF Financial, we’re here to say there is a solution – our 90-Day COVID-19 Guarantee! It gives you the confidence to borrow now knowing that at any point during the term of the loan, you can request a 90-day payment reduction and only pay the interest*. This guarantee combined with our Flex Pay Loan and Line of Credit is just what you need to overcome uncertainty and invest in the things that will help you conquer COVID-19 and move down the path toward success. Get approved for up to $500,000 and receive 24-hour access to 5 loan drafts for the next 6 months, and only pay for what you borrow!

The Power of our COVID-19 Guarantee

Over the past six months, as we watched our our competitors stop lending, slowly shut down or be sold off sometimes for pennies on the dollar, we remained resolute in our commitment to help as many merchants survive the pandemic as possible. Our commitment to our clients has remained steadfast, modifying each loan as needed in response to state-mandated closures and capacity limitations. This has allowed us to serve our merchants with much needed assistance during one of the most difficult times in our history.

Some merchants chose our financing to make the pivot to drive-thru, take-out and delivery early in the pandemic. The news is full of success stories from those merchants who made the pivot to build drive-thru windows and hire delivery drivers early on. Other merchants chose our financing to supplement their PPP money and keep their operations going during the worst of the pandemic lock-down. Today, these merchants are preparing for the long-term changes in customer behavior by using our financing to expand their outdoor dining and ramp up their marketing efforts to let customers know they are open and prepared for their safety.

*To qualify for the 90-Day COVID-19 Guarantee, borrower must provide information to verify that it is a newly issued government mandated capacity restriction issued during the term of the loan and must submit bank statements that verify sales have been negatively impacted due to the restriction. Borrower will be granted up to 90 days (12 weeks) of reduced payments made up of only the finance charge component of the regular weekly payment with no principal component. The finance charges accruing during the reduced payment period will be added to the total finance charges due and increase the total payments due under the financing. The guarantee period may be less than 12 weeks if the mandatory government restrictions are lifted.