CEO Circle Members Just Received a BIG Upgrade!


You might be asking, “what is COREight?” Well, it stands for Circle of Rewards (COR) now offers 8% commissions! At the core of ARF Financial’s Circle of Rewards (COR) Membership Program is its ongoing commitment to paying top dollar commissions and milestone bonuses that build wealth and steady income for our member partners, while providing the highest loan amounts (up to $1,000,000) over the longest terms (up to 36 months) to member clients. To further our commitment, ARF Financial is proud to announce the following powerful upgrades for our CEO Circle Members starting May 1st!


Check Out These Powerful Upgrades for Our CEO Circle Members

We will now pay 8% commission (up to 6%) on loans with terms of 39 weeks or longer! All loans regardless of size now pay the increased commission!

Residual commissions will no longer expire after 3 years with an active, ongoing membership!

Commissions are now unlimited. The prior cap of $36,000 has been eliminated! Commissions will continue to be paid within 2 weeks of funding.

Commissions on ARF’s new BANKROLL Revolving Line of Credit will pay 4% up front and 4% over time (8% total)!

Commissions on ARF’s IO Flex Pay Loan will pay 4% up front and 4% if the loan rolls over into the loan extension term (8% total)!

CEO Members can now invest in the loans they fund through ARF’s new WINDFALL Loan Investment Program, allowing RP’s to earn IRR’s in the 30%’s on their investment.

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Celeste gives a full overview of all the powerful upgrades recently added to our Circle of Rewards Membership Program.

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During the month of May, we’re offering 25% OFF the cost to upgrade to, or sign up for our CEO Circle Membership so you can take advantage of all the valuable upgrades. That’s a $250 savings!

Offer Expires May 31, 2022

CEO Circle Benefits

It’s the perfect time to become a CEO Circle Member with increased commissions, performance bonuses and a new Loan Investment Program! The table below outlines all the advantages of a CEO Circle Membership vs. a Founding Circle Membership.

*To qualify for the 8% commissions, must be regular amortizing loan or Flex Pay loan with terms of 39 weeks or longer. To retain the Circle of Rewards benefits detailed above, CEO member must maintain an active membership which requires payment of an annual membership fee. Upgrade offer ends 5/31/2022.

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We are Proud to Offer One Enhanced and One Entry-level Membership:


CEO Circle Membership

By joining the CEO Circle membership program you will receive the highest up-front and residual commissions (8%), the highest level of Circle of Influence Network fees and override commissions, plus a dedicated link to our online application, personalized ARF landing page, a co-branded online application, and co-branded marketing materials.


Founding Circle Membership

By partnering with us and joining our Circle of Rewards membership program, you will receive the standard level of up-front and residual commissions (3%). No Circle of Influence Network Fees or Overrides are offered at this level. A dedicated link to our loan application and co-branded marketing materials will be provided.

Circle of Rewards Referral Partner Membership Program Updates

CEO Circle Members

Our CEO Circle Members will be paid top dollar commissions (up to 8%) on every new loan they fund, plus 8% residual commissions on subsequent fundings as long as they remain in the program. Here’s a list of the valuable benefits that come with a CEO Membership:

Up-front commissions paid on new loan fundings have increased to 8%!
Residual commissions are now 8% for as long as you remain in the CEO Circle (no more 3 year limit).
The prior commission cap of $36,000 on larger loans has been eliminated!
Commissions paid on BANKROLL Revolving Line of Credit are 4% up front and 4% over time (8% total).
Commissions paid on Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan are 4% up front and 4% if the loan rolls over to the extended term (8% total).

Founding Circle Members

The Founding Circle Membership is a continuation of our previous Referral Partner program. There are no annual membership fees. As before, this program pays 3% commission at funding and 3% commission on residual fundings for up to three years.

Up-front commissions on new loan fundings will pay 3%.
Residual commissions on the “cash out” portion of subsequent fundings will be 3% for 3 years.
Commissions will continue to be paid within 2 weeks of funding!
Commissions paid on ARF’s new BANKROLL Revolving Line of Credit are 3% up front.
Commissions paid on ARF’s Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan are 3% up front.

WINDFALL – Loan Investment Program

ARF Financial’s new WINDFALL Loan Investment Program is designed to build wealth and provide steady income among our CEO Members. Any active CEO Member will now have the option to invest up to 10% of a loan they fund and reap the WINDFALL!

CEO Circle members may invest up to 10% of the face amount on any loan they fund.
Based on ARF’s average annualized rate and servicing fee, a CEO Circle member can expect a return of approximately 34%.
The yield on this investment is separate and distinct from the commission paid by ARF.
The member’s yield and principal will be pro ratably paid via ACH on a weekly basis.
The member’s investment may be funded by a redirection of their commission, separate bank wire, outgoing bank ACH, or a combination of both.
The investment return will mirror the loan’s performance. ARF’s return and the member’s return will be treated exactly the same, based upon their pro rata share, and the loan’s performance.
Visit our WINDFALL information page for more details about this exciting new investment program!
When choosing a business lender to partner with, it’s important to compare loan amounts and repayment terms because…

Size Matters!

Larger Loan Amounts, Longer Terms & Big Rewards

You can now borrow up to $1,000,000 with terms up to 36 months to fund your big projects while keeping your costs low. Our average loan amount is over six times larger and repayment terms are more than three times longer than a Merchant Cash Advance. Larger loan amounts mean you can invest in growth opportunities that will make a significant impact to your bottom line, and longer terms mean your payments are manageable and won’t interfere with your cash flow!

Check Out the Comparison:

Our Unique Loan Products


BANKROLL – Revolving Line of Credit

Your business is always evolving. Wouldn’t it be great to have a financial product flexible enough to evolve with it? Now you do! Our new Revolving Line of Credit – BANKROLL, provides the MAX loan approval, a fixed loan term up to 36 months, and a fixed weekly payment – plus the flexibility to pay down or draw additional funds on an unlimited basis!


Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan

We believe growing your business shouldn’t mean sacrificing your cash flow, and with ARF’s new Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan it doesn’t. It now allows you to quickly access from $50,000 to $750,000 without collateral and low, interest-only payments for up to 1 year. And now, it also carries an optional Line of Credit with unlimited draws for up to a year!


Unsecured Lines of Credit

With a Line of Credit from ARF Financial, when opportunity knocks, business conditions change or unexpected expenses pop up, your clients will be prepared. It gives them 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period. They can draw funds as needed and only pay for what they take!


Flex Pay Loans

Many merchants simply don’t dream big because they believe they can’t afford to borrow the funds needed to make those dreams real. Our Flex Pay loan solves that problem! Flex Pay allows your clients to defer up to 50% of their loan principal into the future, resulting in the lowest payments now!

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