Financing a Microbusiness with ARF Financial

Financing a Microbusiness with ARF FinancialWe’ve heard of small businesses, which are defined by the Small Business Association (SBA) as businesses with less than 500 employees. There are 30.7 million small businesses in the United States—that’s 99 percent of all businesses in the states. But what’s the deal with microbusinesses, and how can they get funding? Let’s talk about financing a microbusiness with ARF Financial.

Microbusinesses are—you guessed it—much smaller than a small business. The most common type of business in the U.S., they employ less than 10 employees and generally produce less than $250,000 in annual revenue. This definition can vary by state, however. A microbusiness still has to operate under the same conditions as any other type of business, paying all the required taxes at the state and federal level.

According to, over 77 percent of microbusiness owners use their personal savings to get started and just 10 percent use a business loan to get off the ground. But in these times of economic uncertainty, the odds that an entrepreneur has that kind of money laying around get less and less likely. That’s where ARF Financial can help. Let us explain…

A lot of the trouble that comes with getting a loan for your microbusiness is that most microbusinesses just don’t need that much money to start off. Lenders can have minimum loan amounts in excess of what you may need. At ARF Financial, our loans start at $5,000 and go all the way up to $250,000. With a popular Flex Pay loan option, you’re able to defer up to 50 percent of your loan’s principal into the future so your initial payments are more manageable. Payments are made weekly, not daily—and aren’t tied to your daily credit card receipts, either.

Think a line of credit might be in your business’s best interest? With a LOC from ARF Financial, business owners get 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period. Funds can even be requested online.

What about COVID-19 reassurance? Our 90-Day COVID-19 Guarantee was designed to give you confidence when borrowing with us. At any point during the term of your loan, you can request a 90-day payment reduction and pay only interest.

In addition to all of these flexible loan options, you’ll get access to a local loan consultant that knows your industry and can help you create the best loan for your microbusiness.

We’ve made the application process as painless as possible. Simply submit an application online and we’ll instantly let you know how much you qualify for in funds. You can even get your funds in as little as 3 days. So why wait? When opportunity knocks, answer the door—with ARF Financial.