The Importance of Patient Engagement

The Importance of Patient EngagementWhen patients are transitioning from a hospital setting to a home healthcare setting, a lot can be lost in translation. It can be difficult for patients to fully grasp the instructions they’re given at discharge by doctors. Health literacy, defined by the Health Resources & Services Administration as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information needed to make appropriate health decisions,” is decidedly low. When information is lost in the shuffle between one medical facility to another, everyone suffers. This is where patient engagement comes in to play, and the importance of it in your home healthcare business cannot be discounted.

Patient engagement is reliant on both patients and doctors working hand-in-hand to drive better health outcomes. The more engaged a patient is in his or her own health and wellbeing, the greater chances of a positive outcome. Proper engagement leads to increased motivation.

In 2019, the home healthcare industry had a value of over $281 billion. It’s expected to grow by nearly 8 percent annually between now and 2027, according to research from Grand View. That statistic comes as no surprise given our aging global population. Couple that with the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the world for over a year and more folks are turning to home healthcare instead of a longer hospital stay. When patient information is lost during these transitions, it costs more than just money. These patients can relapse or end up back in the hospital from which they came. Consider proactive telephone follow-ups with your clients. Regular check-ins give patients the opportunity to ask questions more immediately, rather than waiting for your staff’s next in-home visit. These personalized outreach initiatives go a long way in ensuring patients are following the doctor’s orders.

In addition to keeping patients from returning to the hospital, patient engagement plays a critical role in your business’s reputation. Consistently satisfied clients show that your home health agency is at the top of its game, laser-focused on driving stellar results. If you’re in great standing with the medical community, your job as a business owner is that much easier. You’ll get more referrals, which means more profits.

Ensuring your patients are engaged in their follow-up care might be easier said than done, but the fact that you’re treating them in the comfort of their own home makes the task less burdensome. Focus on the fact that as a home healthcare provider, you’re able to give more personalized care and follow-up than they would be getting in a hospital setting. Motivate your clients to be an active participant in their health. It’ll pay off in more ways than one.

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