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Capital Connections, just as it sounds, is the connection with you, our valued Circle Members, to remain in the know on all the latest promotions, webinar information, contests, prospecting tips, product and underwriting changes as well as success stories from other members. If it’s happening in our Circle of Rewards Membership Program, you can find out about it here.


Referral Partners have two exceptional opportunities to renew their CEO Circle Membership at no cost!
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ARF Financial wants all new and existing members to experience the benefits of a CEO Circle Membership, FREE for 90 days! That’s right. You can now sign up for a CEO Circle Trial Membership at no cost until 6/30/2024. During the90-day trial period, you’ll earn top-dollar commissions on new new and residual fundings, and be eligible for additional benefits and bonuses! Best of all, if you fund $500,000 or more during the free trial period, you’ll receive another 12 months Free!

Experience the benefits of our CEO Circle Membership and you’ll be hooked!


Current CEO Circle Members Can Earn a Free Membership

Current CEO Circle Members can also renew their membership without any fees if they fund $500,000 before their expiration date. This renewal pathway will now be a permanent benefit for all paid CEO Circle Members. Contact your assigned loan consultant for full details about this offer!

Interest-Only Revolving Line of Credit

With today’s inflationary instabilities and supply chain debacles, now more than ever business owners must be financially prepared to pivot at any moment. That means quick access to the most affordable capital is essential to keep pace with the challenges they face. ARF Financial understands those changing needs and has recently introduced a new Interest-Only Revolving Line of Credit, IO-Bankroll, to help merchants maneuver as quickly as the market fluctuates.

With IO-Bamkroll, clients only pay the interest on their outstanding balance for up to a year and can draw funds or make partial principal payments as often as they need­ during the 11-month revolving period. This ensures the client is in complete control of their finances based on the franchises changing needs.


Loan approvals from $200,000 to $1,000,000 with a minimum initial draw of 25% of the line’s approved amount


SAVE BIG! Pay only the interest on the outstanding balance for up to 1 year


Unlimited draws of $10,000 or more during the revolving period


Unlimited partial principal paydowns of $10,000 or more during revolving period


A revolving period of up to 11 months (48 weeks)


Regular payments and partial principal paydowns frees up availability

*Unlimited draws and partial principal payments are only available during the revolving period. This is not a guaranteed extension of credit. All draw requests will receive a desktop underwriting to ensure the merchant’s creditworthiness has not materially changed since the original loan was initiated. The merchant will be required to submit updated bank transactional data via PLAID or via paper statements prior to a draw request being funded. ARF will strive to fund all qualified draw requests within two business days of receipt. The Interest-Only Revolving Line of Credit product can only be offered by active, paid CEO Circle Members.
New Amortizing Term Loan that Pays up to 10% Upfront*

Introducing The Big Deal, ARF Financial’s new amortizing term loan. With loan approvals up to $1,000,000 and repayment terms up to 24 months, The Big Deal term loan is a great solution for clients seeking a significant boost in capital to expand and grow. Whether it’s to finance a large equipment purchase, inventory and raw materials, expanding to a second location, or facility renovations, this financing option is perfect for growing businesses.

Here’s where it gets even better. CEO Members can earn up to 10% commissions UPFRONT on an initial funding of $125,000 or more, as well as any line of credit drafts the client takes. Now, that’s what we call a Big Deal!*


Loan amounts up to $1,000,000 and fixed repayment terms up to 24 months.


Optional Line of Credit with 5 separate drafts over a 6-month period


CEO Members will earn 10% upfront commissions on initial loan amounts of $250,000 or more, plus another 10% upfront commissions on any subsequent line of credit drafts.*


CEO Members will earn 8% upfront commissions on initial loan amounts of $125,000 to $249,999, plus another 8% upfront commissions on any subsequent line of credit drafts.*


Early payoff options are available after Line of Credit draft period is over.*

*Elevated commissions are only available to active, paid CEO Circle Members. Draft requests from The Big Deal receive a desktop underwriting to ensure the merchant’s creditworthiness has not materially changed since the original loan was initiated. The merchant will be required to submit updated bank transactional data via PLAID or paper statements prior to a draft being funded. ARF will strive to fund all qualified draw requests within 2 business days of receipt. Loan approval, loan amount and interest rate are based upon applicant’s credit worthiness and ARF’s standard underwriting guidelines. The Big Deal product is available for a limited time only.

CEO Circle vs. Founding Circle Membership Comparison

With elevated upfront and residual commissions, generous performance bonuses, overrides from downstream members, a loan investment program, and exclusive access to superior products and promotions, there’s never been a better time to become a CEO Circle Member! Check out all the valuable new benefits that automatically come with a CEO Circle Membership vs. Founding Circle.

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Top Loans Funded in March 2024



Time in Business: 7 Years
Annual Revenue: $1.7 Million
State: New Mexico
Credit Score: 659 – 699
Loan Product: Revolving Line of Credit
Term: 104 Weeks
Client’s First Draw Amount: $327,200

Total Commission: $26,176


Medical Equipment

Time in Business: 10 Years
Annual Revenue: $1.5 Million
State: California
Credit Score: 650-699
Loan Product: Revolving Line of Credit
Term: 104 Weeks
Client’s First Draw Amount: $200,000

Total Commission: $16,000



Time in Business: 5 Years
Annual Revenue: $2,800,000
State: Texas
Credit Score: 650-699
Loan Product: Revolving Line of Credit
Term: 104 Weeks
Client’s First Draw Amount: $100,000

Total Commission: $8,000


Nail Salon

Time in Business: 5 Years
Annual Revenue: $500,000
State: Virginia
Credit Score: 650-699
Loan Product: Revolving Line of Credit
Term: 104 Weeks
Client’s First Draw Amount: $107,400

Total Commission: $8,592

Industry News


A Restaurant Survival Tool for Inflation: Cash Discounting

Cash discounting is growing in acceptance with more than 30,000 restaurants and businesses adopting cash discounting programs. Even large corporations like Hilton and Starbucks are coming on board. While a small number of consumers will opt to pay cash, there has been little to no negative effects on consumers choices or loss of business by the merchant.


Commercial Disclosure Laws Create Legal Challenges for Referral Partners

You may be aware that new commercial financial product disclosure laws have been adopted in several states, but did you know that these laws impose significant obligations on both the providers of these products and the referral partners who source the customers for these providers?  Are you and your funders ready for these changes?  Here’s what to do.


MCA Funders in Legal Jeopardy Due to New Court Decisions

The merchant cash advance (MCA) industry has often walked a “legal” tight rope in its product offerings. Recent decisions by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of NY (in Manhattan) have called certain MCA practices into question in upholding legal challenges to these practices as a legal sham which may violate the Racketeering and Corrupt Practices Act (“RICO”).

Circle of Rewards Program Information, Updates, & Webinars

Free 90-Day CEO Circle

Offer Extended till June 30th, 2024

With increased upfront commissions, performance bonuses, share of network fees from recruited CEO members, override commissions from downstream members, and a new Loan Investment Program, Referral Partners can definitely earn more in 2024! And, for a limited time, Referral Partners an be part of this exclusive club for FREE! Click below to see all the additional benefits.


WINDFALL Loan Investment Program

Where can you find an investment with IRR’s in the 30% range today? If you did, it would certainly be a windfall! That’s exactly what ARF is now offering its Circle of Rewards CEO Members by allowing them to invest in the loans they fund with ARF! Welcome to the new WINDFALL program designed to build wealth among our CEO Member Partners! CEO Members can now invest an amount up to 10% of a loan a they fund and reap the WINDFALL!


Upcoming Training Webinars

The best way to be successful is to stay educated! We invite you to join us on one of our webinars to learn more about our program. Full training webinars are held twice a month and a topical breakout session webinar is scheduled once a month on a variety of topics.

Review Past Webinars in our Library


Success Stories

We really enjoy hearing about the successes from our members and, of course sharing them with others. There are many members with unique, interesting and informative client success stories. You may read one that inspires you to try penetrating a new vertical. Maybe we’ll feature one of your stories here too!


Join the Circle of Rewards

Not a member yet? If you’re thinking about joining our Circle of Rewards Membership Program we have lots of information to share. Learn about all the details by viewing the presentation below or by visiting our Circle of Rewards page.

Circle of Rewards Overview Presentation


Circle of Influence

Are you growing your Circle of Influence? The larger your circle, the more money you’ll earn on override commissions from downstream fundings for as long as your an active CEO member!

How Do I Become a Circle of Influence Leader?

(Does not apply to Founding Circle Members)

Need Help with Marketing ARF Financial?

Circle of Rewards members can take advantage of the available marketing materials and customizations to further maximize their sales efforts. Whether you are focused primarily on cold calling, digital marketing, email or direct mail, we provide support and resources to help you sell ARF Financial loan products.


Personalized Landing Page
CEO Circle Members receive a personalized landing page promoting their business as an ARF Financial Preferred Partner. Your landing page will include your logo, head shot and company contact details. All links, including the APPLY NOW button, will contain your dedicated URL which tracks your client activity. Clients will be automatically assigned to you when they apply. View sample personalized landing page here: Sample Landing Page


Cobranded Marketing Materials
Another great benefit of partnering with ARF Financial is our cobranded marketing materials to support your sales efforts. Referral Partners will receive personalized PDF files which cover our various lending products, competitive advantages and how to qualify. Perfect for sharing with clients during sales pitches or discovery calls. View sample marketing materials here.


Dedicated URL
All Circle Members are assigned a dedicated URL designed to track in-bound application activity from your website, emails, social media and other marketing efforts. Members are encouraged to insert their URL into email links, email signatures, social media links and website links. When your clients use this link to apply online, our application portal recognizes each link and assigns the loan application to you. See instructions on how to insert your dedicated URL into your links.


Pipeline Tracking Emails
When one of your clients starts our online application, an automated email notification is triggered letting you know you have a loan in play. This is called a Pipeline Email and it includes the applicant’s name, email, phone, requested loan amount, and underwriting status. Your loan consultant is also alerted and will contact you before reaching out to the client to expedite the application. We welcome any assistance you’d like to provide to expedite the loan to funding. 

Our Unique Loan Products


BANKROLL – Revolving Line of Credit

Businesses are always evolving. Wouldn’t it be great to have a financial product that’s flexible enough to evolve with them? Now we do! Our new Revolving Line of Credit – BANKROLL, provides the MAX loan approval, a fixed loan term up to 36 months, and a fixed weekly payment – plus the flexibility to pay down or draw funds on an unlimited basis!


Interest-Only Bankroll Revolving Line of Credit

ARF Financial’s IO-Bankroll Revolving Line of Credit is unmatched. The 11-month revolving period gives your clients the flexibility to draw funds and pay down their principal balance as often as they need. Couple that with fixed terms up to 3 years and IO-Bankroll becomes a powerful tool that Referral Partners can use to help fuel their client’s business growth.


Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan

We believe growing your business shouldn’t mean sacrificing your cash flow, and with ARF’s new Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan it doesn’t. It now allows clients to quickly access from $50,000 to $750,000 without collateral and low, interest-only payments for up to 1 year. And now, it also carries an optional Line of Credit with unlimited loan drafts for up to a year!

Minimum Qualifications


Industry Type

We lend to more than just restaurants. Over the years we’ve expanded to include many more industry types. Click here to see the full list.


Credit Score

We can work with merchants that have less than perfect credit. An applicant must have a minimum Equifax credit score of 551 or higher.


Time in Business

Applicant must own the business. The business must be open and operating under the same ownership for at least one month (30 days).


Annual Sales

Your business must generate a minimum of $17,000 per month in gross sales ($200,000 annually) from both credit card and cash.




It’s the perfect time to become a CEO Circle Member and take advantage of the BIG increases in commissions, performance bonuses, Circle of Influence override commissions, and a new Loan Investment Program!