WINDFALL – Loan Investment Program

CEO Circle Members can now invest in the loans they fund and reap the WINDFALL!

Where can you find an investment with IRR’s in the 30% range today? If you did, it would certainly be a windfall! That’s exactly what ARF Financial is now offering its Circle of Rewards CEO Members by allowing them to invest in the loans they fund! Welcome to the new WINDFALL Loan Investment Program designed to build wealth among our CEO Member partners! CEO Members can now invest an amount up to 10% of a loan a they fund and reap the WINDFALL!  Here are some of the program’s advantages:

Benefits of the WINDFALL Loan Investment Program


High Rate of Return

Where can you find an investment these days with a return in the 30% range? Now you can! Based on ARF’s average annualized rate and loan servicing fee, a member can expect a return rate of ~ 34%


In Addition to Commissions

The yield on this investment is separate and distinct from the commission paid on the loan by ARF. The member’s yield and principal will be pro ratably paid via ACH on a weekly basis.


Use Your Commissions to Invest

The CEO Member’s investment may be funded by a redirection of the CEO Member’s commission or by separate bank wire (or outgoing bank ACH) or a combination of both.


Your Investment Mirrors Ours

The investment return will mirror the loan’s performance, less ARF’s servicing fee. ARF’s return and the member’s return will be treated exactly the same, based upon their pro rata share of the loan amount.

CEO Circle Program Benefits

Earn Higher Commissions

CEO Circle Members now receive 8% up-front commissions on new fundings; plus 8% residual commissions on the “cash out” portion of all line of credit draws, refinances and renewals for the life of the client*
Receive calendar-year performance bonuses equal to 1% ($5,000) for every $500,000 funded (up to $25,000).
The prior cap of $36,000 on commissions earned on a loan funding has been eliminated.

Build Your Circle of Influence

CEO Circle Members will receive 50% of the Membership Network Fee collected when they recruit and sign a CEO Circle Member (1st tier only).
CEO Circle Members will receive a $5,000 bonus for every (50) CEO Circle Members they add to their Circle of Influence.
CEO Circle Members who become Circle Of Influence Network Leaders will receive a 1% override commission on fundings generated by downstream members from their COI Network.

Get Useful Tips to Help Fill Your Pipeline

Get tips on sales pitches, cold calling and prospecting best practices that work for ARF Financial.
CEO Circle Members will receive a co-branded landing page on the ARF Financial website to build trust with their clients.
Each member will receive a dedicated URL to track all online activity from their website and other online marketing efforts.
CEO Circle Members will receive a co-branded online application in the loan portal.

WINDFALL Program Details

Any CEO Member may invest up to 10% of a loan (face amount), that they submit and fund through ARF or an ARF Bank partner. A minimum investment of $2,000 is required.
Based upon ARF’s average annualized rate, and after the ARF servicing fee, a member should expect a return on their investment of approximately 34%. The stated return may vary depending on the annualized rate, the type of loan product sold and payment performance of the merchant.
The yield on this investment is separate and distinct from the commission to be paid to the member by ARF.
The member will earn a yield equal to 67% of the loan’s yield based upon their investment percentage (up to 10%), excluding points due at closing, over the term of the loan. The balance of the loan’s yield will be allocated to ARF for the underwriting and on-going servicing of the loan.
For example, if a CEO Member submitted a $100,000 loan that funded with a 78-week term and a loan payback multiple of 1.45, the CEO Member could invest up to $10,000. After ARF’s servicing fee, the member would earn a net multiple of 1.30 (67% of the original multiple on the loan) on their $10,000 investment over 78 weeks. The CEO Member would earn $3,000 as long as the borrower made their payments in accordance with their loan terms. Since the CEO Member’s investment (principal) and yield is returned weekly, the annualized IRR on their investment is approximately 34%!
Based upon the example above, the CEO Member could earn $8,000 in commissions and $3,000 on their investment for a total of $11,000 or 11% on the $100,000 funded loan. If in the example the loan funded amount was $500,000, then potentially $55,000 could be earned! ARF’s average loan size is over $120,000, and we will lend up to $500,000 without submitting tax returns and financials on a single location and up to $750,000 on multiple locations.
The CEO Member’s yield and principal will be pro ratably returned via ACH on a weekly basis based upon the prior week’s activity.
The CEO Member’s investment may be funded by a redirection of their commission, by separate bank wire, (or outgoing bank ACH) or a combination of both.
The CEO Member’s investment must be committed within one week of a loan’s funding and will be documented by a WINDFALL Investment Agreement.
Payment of the CEO Member’s investment must occur within one week of a WINDFALL Investment Agreement being executed. A redirection of a CEO Member’s commission paid up front (excluding CDOT or rollover commissions), in payment or partial payment of their investment, will be deemed paid when a member signs a WINDFALL Commission Redirection Agreement. Failure to pay the entire investment on time will result in the voiding of the WINDFALL Investment Agreement and a return of the funds, if any, that had been paid prior to the voided agreement.
The CEO Member’s investment yield will mirror the loan’s performance and the CEO Member will sit side-by-side with ARF i.e. ARF’s return and the CEO Member’s return will be treated exactly the same, based upon their pro rata share, and based upon the loan’s performance. If the loan defaults or restructures, the CEO Member RP’s investment is at risk, no different than ARF.  The CEO Member shall receive their pro rata share of any default recoveries, after ARF’s collection costs.
ARF shall have the sole authority to approve and fund a loan application (whether new or a refinance), submitted by a CEO Member, and any subsequent restructuring that may be required. The CEO Member shall have the right to invest or decline to invest in any loan that they originally invested in, if it refinances (this specifically excludes restructurings which will require their continued investment).

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When choosing the right business lender to partner with, it’s important to compare loan size and repayment terms because…

Size Matters!

Larger Loan Amounts, Longer Terms & Big Rewards

ARF Financial provides loan amounts over six times larger and repayment terms more than three times longer than a Merchant Cash Advance. Larger loan amounts mean more commissions for you! And longer terms mean lower payments for your clients. Check out the comparison below.

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