Refer A Business to ARF Financial

An ARF seasoned loan officer is ready to take your referral and assist them with obtaining the financing they need to accomplish their business goals. In fact, ARF will pay a 3% Referral Fee (based upon the Loan Amount borrowed and in the case of a Line of Credit, the amount of their first draw) for every qualified new referral that you provide. Many of our referral partners are earnings thousands of dollars annually. Just look at the opportunity…

Number of Referrals
Submitted that Close Annually
Average Funded
Loan Amount
3% Referral Fee
Annual Income
1 $55,000 $1,650
3 $55,000 $4,950
5 $55,000 $8,250
12 $55,000 $19,800

Become a Referral Partner

Please use any of the contact information provided (via phone, email or text) to discuss my interest in the referral partnership program.

ARF Financial Customer Advantage

By introducing a business owner to ARF Financial, you can help ensure the success of the business you refer and strengthen your own business relationships in the process. And, the referral partner network works both ways. Our local loan officers will reciprocate by providing leads back to you when appropriate for businesses that may need your services or expertise. Simply said, a two-way partnership is born.

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