Refer Your Clients to ARF Financial and Earn Long-Term Income

Our referral program is unlike any other in the industry. Not only do we pay a 3% commission for your referral’s first loan funding, but we will continue to pay 3% for any subsequent loans your referral makes over the course of 3 years!

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up to be a Referral Partner

Let us know you’re interested in becoming a referral partner by filling out the request form. A loan consultant in your area will contact you to give you all the details about our program and provide you with a referral agreement to officially become a referral partner.

2. Provide a warm introduction

The next step is to identify clients who need business capital and provide a warm introduction to your local loan consultant. To help you identify the right clients, check out our requirements section below.

3. Get paid!

Once the loan closes for your referral, we’ll pay you 3% of the funded amount. Then, if that same referral takes additional funds, refinances, or renews, you’ll receive another 3% referral commission from each subsequent transaction for the next 3 years!

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Referral Partner Benefits

3% Commission for 3 Years

For every new client that you provide, we will pay you 3% of each transaction they make over the course of 3 years. This includes new loans, refinancing, and line of credit drafts, giving you longterm income from just one lead.

Personalized Client Service

Every client you introduce us to will be matched with one of our full-time loan experts, who will customize our loan products to meet your client’s specific needs. This one-on-one customer service sets us apart!

Reciprocal Leads

This is a two-way partnership. If we have a client that informs us of a need that you can help with, we’ll refer them to you to help you grow your business.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

*Meeting these requirements doesn’t guarantee a funded loan. Other criteria will be evaluated during our approval process to determine eligibility.

Time in Business

Businesses should be open and operating for at least 1 full month to qualify.

Business Revenue

Businesses must generate a minimum of $100,000 per year in revenue to qualify. (cash & credit card sales)

Credit Score

Guarantor must have a personal FICO score of 551 or higher to qualify.

Restaurant-Hospitality Experts

We specialize in funding restaurants and hospitality businesses, along with other small business retailers. Click below to view a full list of business types we lend to.

Loan Program Details


No collateral required on amounts up to $450,000


No tax returns or financials required on loans up to $450,000


Repayment terms from 12 to 36 months


Approvals in 24 hours and fundings in as little as 3 days


Simple process and low documentation


The interest is tax deductible


Repayment is not tied to credit card transactions


Early payoff options are available

Our Unique Loan Products

Working Capital Loans

When cash is tight due to an unexpected dip in sales or a slow seasonal period, don’t let your clients feel forced to scale back their operations or postpone growth opportunities. A Working Capital Loan from ARF Financial can provide the influx of capital they need quickly and without the need for collateral!

Flex Pay Loans

Many merchants simply don’t dream big because they can’t afford to borrow the funds they need. Our Flex Pay loan solves that problem! Flex Pay allows your clients to defer up to 50% of their loan principal into the future, resulting in the lowest payments now!

No Fee Lines of Credit

When opportunity knocks, business conditions change or unexpected issues arise, your clients will be ready. Our Line of Credit gives them 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period. They can draw funds as needed and only pay for what they take!

Ready to Earn Easy Money?

Sign up to become a referral partner and let the income start flowing in!

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