The Ultimate Revolving Line of Credit

ARF Financial is incredibly proud of the latest addition to our product line, BANKROLL, The Ultimate Revolving Line of Credit! Bankroll addresses the #1 concern of business owners everywhere who require the flexibility to access capital at a moment’s notice, while keeping their cash flow stable. We do this by providing highest approvals (up to $1,000,000), a fixed loan term (up to 36 months), and a fixed weekly payment, PLUS the flexibility to pay down or borrow additional funds on an unlimited basis! You decide when you want to borrow, how much you want to borrow, the amount of your payment, and how long to keep the line open. You are in complete control based upon your business’s unique needs that may change over time. And, Bankroll provides early payoff without penalty anytime during the loan!

Check Out BANKROLL’S Industry-Leading Features:

Revolving Line of credit approvals up to $1,000,000
Max amortizing term up to 36 months with fixed weekly payments
A revolving period of up to 1 year (52 weeks)
Unlimited draws of $5,000 or more during the revolving period*
Unlimited principal paydowns of $5,000 or more during the revolving period
Every payment made and partial principal paydown frees up line availability
Finance charges accrue and are collected weekly
No minimum finance charges required
Pay off or pay down your line of credit without penalty
Closing points only charged on cash out

**This is not a guaranteed extension of credit. All draw requests will receive a desktop underwriting to ensure the Merchant’s creditworthiness has not materially changed since the original Loan was initiated. The merchant will be required to submit updated bank transactional data via PLAID or via paper statements prior to a draw request being funded. ARF will strive to fund all qualified draw requests within 2 business days of receipt. ARF Financial is licensed by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation as a California Finance Lender, License No. 6037958. Loan approval, loan amount and interest rate are based upon applicant’s creditworthiness and ARF’s standard underwriting guidelines.


Max Approvals

Bankroll gives you access to your maximum approval of up to $1,000,000, and you only have to take a minimum initial loan amount of $5,000.


Max Repayment Terms

Bankroll also gives you access to the maximum loan amortization term of up to 36 months, resulting in low, fixed weekly payments.


Unlimited Draws & Paydowns

During your revolving period, you have the freedom to take unlimited draws or make unlimited partial principal paydowns of $5,000 or more.


Line Availability

Every regular loan payment you make or partial principal paydown frees up the available funds you can access on your line of credit.


Pay Off Anytime

With Bankroll, you’re in control. You can pay off your loan or make partial principal paydowns without penalties, maintenance fees or prepayment fees.

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Celeste Deal-Maunoir

“Your business is always evolving. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a loan product with the flexibility to evolve with it? Now you do! Our new Revolving Line of Credit – BANKROLL.”

Size Matters!

Larger Loan Amounts, Longer Terms & Big Rewards

Big projects usually mean big upfront investments, something you can’t get from a merchant cash advance. If you’re ready to take the plunge and go BIG this year, we have financing that’s the perfect fit. You can now borrow up to $1,000,000 with terms up to 36 months to fund your big projects while keeping your costs low. Our average loan size is over six times larger and repayment terms are more than three times longer than a Merchant Cash Advance. Larger loan amounts mean you can invest in growth opportunities that will make a significant impact to your bottom line, and longer terms mean your payments are manageable and won’t interfere with your cash flow! Check out the comparison below:

Completing an application only takes 10 minutes and won’t affect your credit.

Up to $5,000 in Rewards for New Clients!

During the month of May, new clients can receive a $500 Amex Gift Card for every $50,000 they borrow up to $5,000 in gift cards. Offer ends 5/31­­­­/2023.*

*Available for new clients only (out of the program 120 days or more). Receipt of the Amex Gift Card(s) is conditional based upon the following: Merchant’s approval under ARF Financials’ standard underwriting models and policies. Merchant’s acceptance of an approved loan amount, rate and term; and merchant borrowing $50,000 or more to receive a $500 Amex gift card and another $500 gift card for every additional $50,000 they fund before 5/31/2023. This offer is not guaranteed unless application is made by merchant, and merchant borrows in accordance with the guidelines provided herein. ARF reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time. Expires 5/31/2023.

What is a Revolving Line of Credit?

A Revolving line of credit is very similar to a credit card. The lending institution grants you a maximum credit limit, which you can access for business purposes at any time during the revolving period up to one year. The revolving period represents how long the LOC will be available until a full re-underwriting is required. A minimum $5,000 loan balance is required at all times to keep the revolving period open. During the revolving period, you may take unlimited draws or make partial principal paydowns of $5,000 or more. Every weekly payment and partial principal paydown frees up your line’s available funds.

Unlike a credit card, there is a fixed weekly payment, based on the original term chosen during the approval (up to 36 months). When payments are made on the revolving credit line, those funds become available to access again. The credit limit may be used repeatedly as long as you do not exceed the maximum. Many small business owners and corporations use revolving lines of credit to finance expansion projects, additional locations, new equipment, partner buyouts or as a safeguard in the event of cash flow problems.

Use of Funds

At ARF Financial, we understand the changing business landscape especially in the restaurant business. As such, small business owners use our revolving line of credit for a variety of business reasons. Revolving lines of credit are ideal for those operators who are experiencing strong performance, but need an injection of capital to take advantage of growth opportunities, without giving up equity. Owners know opportunities and/or issues can arise quickly and having a committed revolving line of credit allows them to be ready for the unexpected.

Here are some examples of how restaurant and small business owners use the funds:

Equipment financing
Purchasing inventory in bulk for volume discounts
Renovations and remodels
Expansion projects
Pay for franchise obligations
Take the leap and open another location
Obtain a liquor license
Operational capital for slow, seasonal periods
Add catering and take-out services
Upgrade your POS / Computer System
Remodel your kitchen for maximum efficiency
Buy out a business partner
Invest in outdoor signage and landscaping
Start a new advertising / marketing campaign
Pay your business taxes
Consolidate and pay off more expensive debt

Minimum Qualifications


Industry Type

We lend to more than just restaurants. Over the years we’ve expanded our list of approved industries. Click here to see the full list.


Credit Score

You don’t need to have perfect credit to qualify for Bankroll. Business owners with an Equifax Credit Score of 551 or higher can qualify.


Time in Business

Applicant must own the business. The business must be open and operating under the same ownership for at least one month (30 days).


Annual Sales

Your business must generate a minimum of $17,000 per month in sales ($200,000 annually) from both credit card and cash.

How to Apply for our BANKROLL Revolving Line of Credit

If you are a business owner looking for a revolving line of credit with guaranteed rates, fixed terms and affordable payments, simply complete our online application today. There are 4 pre-qualification questions, 5 easy steps, and there is no hard credit pull so your credit will not be affected. Click here to get started. We also employ seasoned loan consultants who live and work in your area, who are knowledgeable about your specific market and will work side-by-side with you throughout the process.

Business Loan Calculator

Use our Business Loan Calculator to determine the potential loan amount you may qualify for. Move the sliders below to indicate your business’s annual sales, time in business, your credit score, whether you own a home, and if you’ve declared bankruptcy, and the calculator will serve up your potential loan amount based on 12, 18, 24 and 36-month terms!

Calculate Loan Amount

Use the sliders below to indicate annual sales, time in business and credit score.

Annual Sales
Time in Business
FICO Score
Please select an option
Please select an option
Term Loan Amount
12 month
18 month
24 month
36 month
Loan amounts may be increased with the review of tax returns and financials. Time in business – must be operating under the same ownership and concept. Homeownership – home must be in your name. Bankruptcy – includes personal and business bankruptcy. The use of this Loan Calculator tool is intended for illustrative purposes only and is not based upon any  information about the user and does not represent a specific loan offer or terms that may be accepted by the user.  A specific loan proposal can only be provided after completion of an application.  Please provide the requested contact information  if you wish to be contacted by one of our loan consultants to receive a written quote

Request a Custom Proposal

Enter your information below to receive a custom proposal from your local loan consultant containing loan amount, rate and term.

Terms and Conditions

ARF Financial LLC is an exclusive third party originator of commercial loans for state charted community banks throughout the United States (“Partner Banks”), (collectively herein referred to as “Lender”). This Preliminary Loan Amount is based upon pre-underwriting standards consistent with Lender’s guidelines. This Preliminary Loan Amount is based upon the information provided by the Merchant in the Loan Calculator. This approval is contingent upon the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided by the Merchant therein and on any additional information discovered by Lender during the Underwriting process including but not limited to the review of all financial information provided by the Merchant, the personal credit of any guarantor and/or any information available from the public domain relating to the business’ or the guarantor’s outstanding liens and judgments, collection issues, history of fraud, bankruptcy, or criminal activity; the status of the Merchant’s business entity with the State where they are located; or any other information that may reflect on the business or guarantor’s ability to repay this loan. The terms of this Preliminary Loan Amount may change based upon the review of all information noted above. The terms of this Preliminary Loan Amount (noted above or if modified during the Underwriting process) are not deemed approved until the Merchant agrees to and executes all necessary Loan documents and the Loan documents are countersigned and approved by an Officer of Lender. If Merchant executed no Universal Merchant Credit Application then this Preliminary Loan Amount is for discussion purposes only.

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