Referral Partner Membership Program

ARF has launched an exciting new Membership Program for brokers, agents and referral partners! We call it our Circle of Rewards and Circle of Influence. The new program, re-imagined to touch every referral partner hot button issue, goes far beyond any other program by providing the following valuable benefits:


Higher upfront commissions


Higher residual commissions


Milestone funding volume bonuses


Ability to recruit other Circle Members


Override commissions on downstream member fundings


Earn a share of your recruited member’s network fees


Co-branded online application


Personalized, cob-branded landing page

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We are proud to offer two paid and one non-paid membership program for your consideration:


Associate CEO Circle Membership Program

By joining this membership program you will receive the highest up-front and residual commissions, the highest level of Circle of Influence Network Fees and Override commissions, plus a cobranded landing page and online application.


Associate Leadership Circle Membership Program

By joining this membership program you will receive the next highest level of up-front and residual commissions, receive the next highest level of Circle of Influence Network Fees and Override commissions, plus a cobranded landing page and online application.


Founding Circle Membership Program

By joining this membership program you will receive the standard level of up-front and residual commissions. No Circle of Influence Network Fees and Overrides are offered at this level and no marketing is provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

in addition to elevated commissions, there are many other great benefits to our new membership programs. To provide a thorough overview, we’ve assembled the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We look forward to working together!

Training Webinars

To ensure we are providing our brokers and referral partners, new and veterans, with the proper training they need to be successful in our program, we are hosting biweekly training webinars for anyone who would like to learn more about our program and get all the latest updates to our lending criteria. We are also hosting monthly, topical breakout session to assist veteran Referral Partners with additional product knowledge, prospecting and filling their pipeline.

  • Full training presentation webinars will be held the first and third Tuesday of every month 11:00am ET.
  • Topical breakout session webinars will be held monthly on the second Wednesday of every month at 11:00am ET.
  • To register for any of our upcoming training webinars or topical breakout sessions, visit

Membership Has Its Rewards

You’ve heard the old adage “membership has its rewards”, well get ready to be wowed by ARF’s exciting new Referral Partner Membership Program! The new program, reimagined to touch every referral partner hot button, goes far beyond any other program by providing: higher commissions, higher residuals, volume bonuses, co-branded direct mail marketing, co-branded online application, and for the first time, overrides on downstream referral partner production.

Circle of Rewards

Why become a member today? For starters, to get access to the unique member commission benefits that yield unmatched revenue opportunities. On top of these new higher up-front and residual commissions, ARF is also offering a 1 – 2% up-front bonus commission the first 60 to 90 days of membership. New members will definitely win big with up-front commissions up to 8% during this introductory period. We call these member benefits, your “Circle of Rewards.”

Circle of Influence

The program doesn’t stop there. For the first time, ARF will give its members the ability to recruit a network of their own to refer business generating up-front fee revenue plus override commissions from the fundings of their new network of members. This can exponentially build a revenue stream leveraging a Member’s “Circle of Influence” or COI. By simply getting others to join, a member can monetize their circle of business associates. We call these network member benefits, your “Circle of Influence”.

A Mutually Beneficial Alliance

While the above member benefits are extremely valuable, ARF’s new Membership Program goes one important step further. By joining, ARF will provide a full white label experience with your own  personalized landing page, co-branded online application and co-branded marketing materials.

For too long referral partner programs focused on a simple exchange of a commission for a referral without regard to the long-term success of either the lender or the referral partner. Envision a new time, a new path forward, where a circle of membership benefits are so strong, so mutually beneficial, and the revenue opportunity so big, you simply can’t pass it up!

If you are interested in any of the following programs, please fill out the form below or contact your local loan consultant for more information.

Continuous Revenue Stream

The new Referral Partner Membership Program benefits you, the Referral Partner as much as it benefits ARF Financial. It is designed to reflect our commitment to building long-lasting beneficial relationships with our Referral Partners. See comparison chart below for the three membership tiers below:

Loan Program Advantages

ARF Financial is a financial services company that has cultivated relationships with banks around the country so your clients can acquire a bank loan fast, without collateral and with limited paperwork. That means the interest is tax deductible, rates are fixed, and the terms are transparent. Your clients receive the financing they need fast, with affordable payments that won’t increase as revenue grows.


Loan amounts from $5,000 to $750,000 with no collateral required


No tax returns or financials requirements on loans up to $500,000


Terms from 12 to 36 months with low fixed payments


Preliminary approvals in 24 hours and fundings in as little as 3 days


Repayment is not tied to credit card transactions


Simple underwriting process and low documentation


Early pay-off options are available


The interest paid is tax deductible

Business Types We Lend To

Click here to see full list

From restaurants to liquor stores, to veterinary practices, financing solutions from ARF Financial help keep a wide variety of small businesses growing and profitable. Here are a few of the business types we can help with our unsecured loans:


Restaurants, Bars, Caterers, Bakeries, Specialty Food, Liquor Stores


Doctors, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Veterinarians


Drug Stores, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Pet Stores & Grooming


Barber Shops, Salons, Spas


Automotive Repair and Service


Wholesale and Manufacturing


Many other retail establishments

Our Unique Loan Products

Working Capital Loans

When cash is tight due to an unexpected dip in sales or a slow seasonal period, ARF can provide your client with a Working Capital amortizing term loan to provide the surge of capital they need quickly and without the need for collateral!

Unsecured Lines of Credit

When opportunity knocks, business conditions change or unexpected issues arise, your clients will be ready. Our Line of Credit gives them 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period. They can draw funds as needed and only pay for what they take!

Flex Pay Loans

Many merchants simply don’t dream big because they can’t afford to borrow the funds they need. Our Flex Pay loan solves that problem! Flex Pay allows your clients to defer up to 50% of their loan principal into the future, resulting in the lowest payments now!