Why Your Restaurant’s Website Should be Mobile Friendly

march-blog-headers-blog-2 A little over a decade has passed since smartphones were released to the public, and in that time, they have become the primary way most of us access the internet. The shift happened so subtly that many restaurant owners were caught unaware, and now their lack of a mobile friendly strategy is hurting their business. Today more than ever it’s critical that your restaurant has a mobile-friendly website. People spend over half of their online time on mobile devices, and 89% of website visits come from mobile device users. In other words, your restaurant website is nearly guaranteed to bring in mobile users, and when they come to your website, their experience matters. Business owners therefore have a strong incentive to invest in a mobile friendly design, even if it means using restaurant funding to make it happen. Learn how creating a mobile friendly website can grow your business and make your customers happier by considering the following three benefits below.

Increased Visibility on Search Engines

Entrepreneur lists Bars & Restaurants as one of the top local business categories that people discover through search engines. Many people now search online for things like “Steakhouse near me” or “takeout sushi near me” as a first step in order to learn about their options. Since 2015, businesses that don’t have a mobile friendly website are much less likely to rank highly for queries like these. Google knows that most people are searching on their phones, so sites with great use of mobile-friendly design get a visibility boost while those that ignore mobile users get a penalty. Ignoring mobile users therefore doesn’t just hurt your ability to convince diners to come to you; they may not even know you exist!

More People Considering Your Restaurant and Spending Time on Your Website

According to a study conducted by Google, people are 61% more likely to leave your website if they see it isn’t mobile friendly. On the other hand, over two-thirds of people say they are more likely to buy products from a company that offers a good mobile experience. Restaurant owners want to maximize the amount of time people spend on their website so that people will be more likely to book a reservation and be excited about specific offerings. Anything from a layout that requires lots of scrolling and zooming to a slow loading speed can hurt this experience, causing someone to abandon your page and likely seek out a competitor. In fact, loading speed is just as critical as visual design to mobile users. Research from Google’s DoubleClick Network found that 53% of visits to mobile websites are abandoned when the site takes more than three seconds to load.


Stand Up to Your Competition

If fewer people are finding your business and viewing your website as a result of it not being mobile friendly, that means many tables are going to your competitors. On the other hand, if your website can offer a good mobile experience, then you have a greater chance at attracting more diners. Data proves it. 16 of the world’s Top 20 restaurants (80%) have a slick, mobile-friendly website design. If customers are easily able to navigate your website to see menu options, business hours, your location and other essential info, then you can raise the volume of online leads and grow your business.

Improve Your Website and Online Marketing Strategy for Mobile with Restaurant Funding

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