The Biggest 4 Restaurant Trends for 2018 That Could Transform Your Business

The restaurant industry is constantly changing, and many of these changes stem from the evolving wants and needs of consumers. In 2018, these wants and needs will gradually shift once more, reflecting the constant ebb and flow of the industry as new ideas take root while old ones fall out of vogue.

Restaurant owners able to ride the incoming tide of trends could find better popularity and profitability thanks to the changes they make. By using loans for restaurants to raise capital and make improvements, 2018 could be a banner year for their sales and growth.


To take advantage of the most important changes that could happen in the months ahead, take note of the top four 2018 restaurant trends below.

Colorful Food for Instagram Worthy Photos

When Starbucks released its ultra-colorful unicorn Frappuccino, social media was awash in people taking selfies with the drink. 180,000 photos of the product were posted on Instagram in just one week. Starbucks even saw a sales bump while the limited-edition drink was sold. In response, the company will be producing more “Grammable” products, including a colorful collection in collaboration with Lady Gaga’s design studio.

But you don’t have to be Starbucks to cash in on the photogenic food phenomenon. Black Star Bakery — an independent bakery in Sydney, Australia — created a popular glow in the dark donut they dubbed the “Glonut.” People have also responded well to black colored foods dyed with activated charcoal to give them an otherworldly camera presence.

Restaurants seeking to jump on these trends should consider how to make their new menu items more eye pleasing in addition to appetizing.

Vegetarian Entrees and Huge Interest in Veg Proteins

People are trying to eat healthier, and to most people that means “more plants.” Restaurants are responding with entrees that leave off the animal flesh in favor of inventively prepared fresh vegetables. Jackfruit, for instance, has become a popular sauce-ready substitute for dishes like pulled pork and BBQ chicken since it matches these dishes’ texture.

Engineered, plant-based proteins like the Beyond Burger are also rapidly gaining steam. According to Euromonitor, meat substitutes make up just 1% of the processed meat and seafood market by volume, but they estimate 10% growth for the U.S. and 23% growth internationally by 2022.


Savory Street Food from Asia

Quick, savory and small meals with flavors hailing from all over Asia have become increasingly common in trendy cities throughout the world. Waitrose, an upscale U.K. grocery chain, suggests that savory and smoky Indian foods will gain ground for both food trucks and casual dining. Unlike the sauce-heavy dishes we westerners are accustomed to, these menu items veer towards grilled, seared and smoked meats as well as “zingy vegetables drizzled in chutney.”

Other similar predicted trends include the rise of hearty Japanese food hailing from late night izakaya bars. Yakitori chicken skewers and deep-fried tofu in broth accompany light salads as palate cleansers.

Savory breakfast foods are on their way up, as well, such as the “jianbing.” This crepe-style street food includes pickled vegetables, egg, chili sauce, hoisin and possible meat options. Jianbing have been appearing on cafe menus at several hip NYC brunch spots.

Increasing Emphasis on Takeout with Dedicated Lines

DoorDash, Uber Eats, and a huge range of other third-party delivery services have dramatically expanded the amount of orders many restaurants receive. Other restaurants have taken on their own delivery and takeout functions. Olive Garden reportedly had a 70% rise in delivery orders since 2013, and nearly a fifth of Buffalo Wild Wings orders are takeout or delivery.

In response to these rising side revenues, many restaurants have established dedicated lanes and modified kitchen designs to make orders destined for takeout or delivery more fresh and efficient. Investments in technology will also help facilitate ordering and ticket tracking.

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