What a Short-Term Bank Loan Could do for your Florist Business

Let’s face it, most people don’t go into floristry to become rich. It’s more likely to be due to your love of flowers, plants and creative ability rather than an insatiable thirst for cash.

Being a florist means early starts, long hours and usually cold and damp conditions, but they are all challenges which those with a love for all that blooms are willing to contend with.

Flower Shop

Although there has been a surge in appreciation for flowers over the past few years, the world of flowers is still a pretty tough one. The majority of the notable costs which are incurred in a floristry business are every day expenses that cannot be skipped.

Every Day Costs include:

  • Premises – rent or buying outright
  • Necessary machinery including cash registers and vans to deliver product
  • Keeping your stock full
  • Staff (including delivery drivers)
  • Documentation and legal costs

There is no doubt that running a florist business requires a lot of working capital.

Where to Find the Extra Money…

It’s not often there there is a lot of extra cash lying around in the florist industry, so in order to grow a business, some sort of bank loan is needed. The key to getting a good business loan is threefold; having accurate financial records, a good business plan for the future and knowing exactly what you want.

A loan arranged by ARF Financial can be made to suit your every need.

Benefits include:

  • Payments and interests are fixed
  • Little paperwork
  • No collateral on amounts up to $725,000
  • You don’t need a perfect credit rating
  • Flexible terms for up to 18 months
  • Approvals are granted quickly
  • Tax deductible interest

Growing a floristry business can seem like a big step, especially if a cash injection is required. By taking out a loan, however, with the help of a company like ARF Financial, you will be given the support that is necessary to really make a go of the next step in your empire, to really make your business bloom.

Learn more about our bank loans just for florists here.