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K.C. Taffinder

K.C. Taffinder

My name is K.C. Taffinder, Senior Loan Officer for ARF Financial LLC. I have over 20 years of B2B sales experience supporting local businesses in Texas. I am very passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals.

Through relationships with several community banks, I am able to provide working capital loans and lines of credit to accelerate growth and increase the value of your business. Our lending products are not a cash advance, but a commercial bank loan without any collateral on your end – that’s because we provide it for you! I can deliver straight forward loan options based that feature fixed terms, low rates, and affordable payments to help grow your business.

I am an active member of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association and very active in the foodie community. On a personal note, I grew up in a family that owned restaurants and cooked professionally. I am a multi generation Texan, professional food photographer, inventor, candle maker, pickle maker and share a small horse ranch with my family, husband of 24 plus years, and various 4 legged critters.

Contact me at (713) 890-2160, email me, or fill out the quote form and I can get you an immediate, customized loan proposal.

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* Must be operating under the same ownership and concept.
*2 Home must be in your name.
*3 Includes personal and business bankruptcy

ARF Financial LLC is a direct lender and a third party originator and servicer of commercial loans for state charted community banks throughout the United States (“Partner Banks”), (collectively herein referred to as “Lender”). This Preliminary Loan Amount is based upon pre-underwriting standards consistent with Lender’s guidelines. This Preliminary Loan Amount is based upon the information provided by the Merchant in the Loan Calculator. This approval is contingent upon the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided by the Merchant therein and on any additional information discovered by Lender during the Underwriting process including but not limited to the review of all financial information provided by the Merchant, the personal credit of any guarantor and/or any information available from the public domain relating to the business’ or the guarantor’s outstanding liens and judgments, collection issues, history of fraud, bankruptcy, or criminal activity; the status of the Merchant’s business entity with the State where they are located; or any other information that may reflect on the business or guarantor’s ability to repay this loan. The terms of this Preliminary Loan Amount may change based upon the review of all information noted above. The terms of this Preliminary Loan Amount (noted above or if modified during the Underwriting process) are not deemed approved until the Merchant agrees to and executes all necessary Loan documents and the Loan documents are countersigned and approved by an Officer of Lender. If Merchant executed no Universal Merchant Credit Application then this Preliminary Loan Amount is for discussion purposes only.

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