How To Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue This Holiday Season

With the Holidays right around the corner, many restaurants are getting ready for their busiest time of the year. For local restaurateurs, the holiday season is the perfect time of the year to focus on increasing their revenues.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, restaurants can make as much as a quarter of the year’s income.

Consumers are much more generous during the holiday season and more commonly go out for celebratory and family oriented dinners. This presents huge sales opportunities for local restaurants. Below are four tactics all restaurants should adopt for the holiday season to increase revenue.

1. Introduce a Seasonal Menu


At least one third of consumers say they seek out seasonal menus during the holiday season.

Offering something new and zestful for a limited time only will excite existing customers to come back again soon. Ingredients like pumpkin and cranberries and spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg are holiday-season mainstays. These ingredients should be incorporated not only into food dishes, but into drink specials as well.

Holiday themed drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are a great way to boost revenue at your restaurants bar.

Dessert is the perfect ending to a family dinner and a very easy way for holiday menu enhancements. Let your customers enjoy seasonal pies, cakes, and pastries to leave them with a delicious taste in their mouth. *Make sure your staff is well versed on the items.

2. Promote Gift Cards as the Perfect Holiday Gift


The holiday season is the perfect time to advertise gift cards. They make a great gift for relatives, friends and work colleagues.

Not only are you making a sale at point of purchase, but also when the recipient comes back chances are they will spend more.

A great promotion for gift cards is to offer a small gift card for free with the purchase of another gift card. This small gesture will please the purchaser, and ensure that they come back soon.

Increase gift card sales with tabletop materials, website promotions, email blasts, and through social media. Train your servers to promote gift cards at the tabletop when presenting the bill.

3. Throw a Holiday Block Party

block_party Nothing says Holidays like celebrating with your friends and family in a fun lively environment.

Reward your loyal customers with a little fun this holiday season by throwing a block party. Block parties are the perfect way to gather the community for good food and fun times. The block party can be a great place to showcase your new seasonal food items and drink specials. Involve the whole community by throwing raffles, contests, and a little holiday spirit with a food or toy drive. Consumers are more inclined to visit establishments that are philanthropic and generous.

The holidays are quickly approaching and small businesses need to take full advantage of the seasonal opportunities. Small adjustments in your day-to-day activities can result in high payoffs when executed properly. Planning now means staying ahead of the game and increasing your restaurants revenue this holiday season.

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