5 Ways to Fight Slow Summer Sales

Summer makes most people think of warm weather and fun family vacations, but what does it mean for your business?

Many restaurants and other local companies experience a drop in sales during the summer months. Today we want to share five ways you can take advantage of the summer months to improve cash flow and customer service.

summer restaurant seating

1. Host Employee Training 

The summer months are the ideal time to pay more attention to your employees and how they can improve.

Hold informational sessions during slow hours to educate and build confidence among your employees.

This type of training will motivate and encourage your staff to come up with new ideas, offer suggestions, explore ways to improve daily tasks and sharpen their customer service skills.

2. Engage with Your Community via Social Media 

Local restaurant introduces monthly wine tastings during the summer to entice customers to visit.

Building your community on social media is a great way to stay connected with customers all year long — even when they’re out of town.

Take advantage of the slower months by coming up with new social media campaigns, blog posts and updates.

Expanding your social media share will keep you in the forefront of consumer’s minds throughout the summer and get them excited about visiting you when they return home.

3. Host a Contest or Giveaway to Get People in Your Doors

Contests and giveaways are all a part of brand building. Use some of your free time by setting up a contest and promoting it through social media and email marketing (if you have your own list). This will keep your customer base engaged with your business during the summer months.

The contest winnings can be relatively small, such as a free meal or a gift certificate, but will leave a huge impact on the individuals who enter and win.

4. Play Catch-Up on the Things You Didn’t Have Time for Before

to do list for small business during the summer

Remember all those small tasks that you pushed aside during the busy season? Take this time to make sure everything is up to date and running smoothly.

While you’re at it, get ahead and set goals for the rest of the year. Concentrate on what you can improve on from the previous season to increase upcoming sales.

5. Consider Reducing Prices or Offering Summer Hours

If all else fails, consider reducing your prices for the season. Holding weekly sales and specials will help to attract interest in a specific product, service or meal.

Make sure your customers are aware that these discounts are being offered for a limited time only.

Making your price-cuts sporadic can help keep your customer base engaged and active all summer long. Don’t be discouraged by slow summer months. Use these 5 helpful tips to your advantage and watch your business grow!

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