3 Tips for Top Notch Customer Service

Not long ago we posed the question, “is customer service getting worse?

You might have correctly guessed that customer service is remaining about the same, but that customer expectations are rising making it seem worse.

Today we’re sharing three tips for top notch customer service so you can outshine the competition!


1. Use Positive Language

When you run into a bump in the road with a customer, try replacing negative language with positive language.

For example, let’s imagine that a customer requests to buy an item that is on backorder for a month. In this scenario, you might give one of the two responses:

  • No positive language: “I can’t get you that product until next month; it is back-ordered and unavailable at this time.”
  • Positive language: “That product will be available next month. I can place the order for you right now and make sure that it is sent to you as soon as it reaches our warehouse.”

Focusing on what you can do to help the customer will reduce the chances that he or she will become upset.

2. Be Attentive & Respond to Customers Quickly

A big step towards great customer service is doing whatever you can to keep your customer happy.

You should be attentive to their tone, body language and concerns. When they ask questions or need assistance, you should provide it quickly and enthusiastically.

You don’t want to hover over your customer making them feel uncomfortable, but you should pay enough attention to know when they need you.

3. Allow Upset Customers to Vent Without Interruption

The fastest way for you to understand your customer’s problem and to provide a complete solution is to listen to your customer vent.

If you interrupt the customer you may miss the opportunity to correct the entire situation, and there is a good chance your customer will get even more upset.

Just listen carefully and remember to not take the complaints personally.

Once the customer is done venting, quickly apologize and present a solution.

The faster you can satisfy the customer, the better your chances for earning a repeat purchase.

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